Atlas of the Anatomy of Dolphins and Whales

 Atlas of the Anatomy of Dolphins and Whales

Atlas of the Anatomy of Dolphins and Whales


Author(s)Stefan Huggenberger, Helmut A Oelschläger, Bruno Cozzi





Size393 MB

PublisherAcademic Press

ISBN978-0128024461, 0128024461, B07KWVN856

Atlas of the Anatomy of Dolphins and Whales is a detailed, fully illustrated atlas on the anatomy and morphology of toothed and whalebone whales. The book provides basic knowledge on anatomical structures, in particular, soft tissues, and functions as a standalone reference work for dissecting rooms and labs, and for those sampling stranded and by-caught dolphins in the field. As a companion and supplement to Anatomy of Dolphins: Insights into Body Structure and Function, this atlas will be of great interest to the scientific community, including veterinarians and biologists, as a book of reference. With a modern approach to dolphin anatomy and morphology, this atlas provides the extensive knowledge necessary to practitioners and theoretical scientists such as evolutionary biologists.

The conceptual clarity, precision, and comprehensive and updated display of the topographical anatomy of the body of cetaceans in the atlas support and illustrate the authors’ related work, serving as a comprehensive reference for those who are more specifically interested in the details of the anatomy and morphology of porpoises, dolphins and whales.

  • Offers a single reference source and useful teaching tool for visualizing the integrated body and its components
  • Functions as a helpful method for demonstrating the animal’s anatomy prior to dissection, and for teaching topographic and comparative anatomy
  • Provides a unique and authoritative resource that explicitly relates the gross and microscopic anatomy of cetacean organs and tissues
  • The prenatal development of dolphins is largely achieved

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