Dr. Beauty's Guide to your Best Breast Augmentation

Dr. Beauty's Guide to your Best Breast Augmentation

Dr. Beauty's Guide to your Best Breast Augmentation


by Dr. Mariam Awada (Author)

There are hundreds of reasons why women have breast augmentation surgery. Most just want to wear a bathing suit and a business suit with greater confidence. Where other parts of your body can often be shaped through exercise, there is little a woman can do to naturally enhance her breasts.

Fit women have breast augmentation to help them achieve the knockout figure they have worked hard for and always dreamed. Some women enjoyed full breasts of motherhood and want them back after deflation with ending nursing. The proportional breast and body balance desired can only be achieved through a breast-enhancement procedure.

Every woman has the right to want to optimize any aspect of her appearance. Each woman’s reasons are unique and per- sonal. Most women are motivated to enhance their femininity and sense of sexy.

Breast enhancement helps you:

  • Enhance your breast and body balance.
  • Revel in your hourglass figure.
  • Look and feel your best.
  • Restore fullness and eliminate sagging.
  • Improve your breast shape, size, and cleavage.
  • Fall in love with your clothing and dress.
  • Treat birth and developmental asymmetry.
  • Shape and beautify unattractive breasts.

As a woman and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, breast aug- mentation procedures have been my forte since 2003. I have succeeded in helping thousands of women safely achieve beautiful breasts with the lowest risk nationally.

Dr. Beauty’s Guide To Your Best Breast Augmentation is your personal tool wherever you are in the world. It is written to help you make smarter decisions to get the best results you desire. You are presented with a many considerations, options, and factors which impact and define your unique plan.

The beauty and breast enhancement tips have proven results. You will enjoy the beauty secrets presented for the rest of your life. Simply follow the beauty formula for the best breast augmentation revealed in this book, and you will be on your way to breast augmentation success!

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