Case Studies in Food Retailing and Distribution

Case Studies in Food Retailing and Distribution

Case Studies in Food Retailing and Distribution


Author(s)John Byrom, Dominic Medway, Alessio Cavicchi, Cristina Santini
Size9 MB
PublisherWoodhead Publishing
ISBN0081020376, 978-0081020371, B07KG58G7S

Case Studies in Food Retailing and Distribution aims to close the gap between academic researchers and industry professionals through the presentation of ‘real world’ scenarios and the application of field-based research. The book provides contemporary explorations of food retailing and consumption from various contexts around the globe.

Using a case study lens, successful examples of practice are provided and areas for further theoretical investigation are offered.

Coverage includes:

  • the impact of retail concentration and the ongoing relevance of independent retailing
  • how social forces impact upon food retailing and consumption
  • trends in organic food retailing and distribution
  • discussion of how wellbeing and sustainability have impacted the sector
  • perspectives on the future of food retailing and distribution

This book is a volume in the Consumer Science and Strategic Marketing series.

  • Addresses business problems in in food retail and distribution
  • Includes pricing and supply chain management
  • Discusses food retailing in urban and rural settings
  • Covers both global distribution and entry in developing nations
  • Features real-world case studies that demonstrate what does and does not

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